Lessons Online

✓ 2 first lessons in price of 1 for new clients!

✓ Video review of training Or Live lessons via Skype

20% dicount for 8 lessons package


Lessons on place

✓ 2 first lessons in price of 1 for new clients!

✓ Trip expense covered by the client

20%discount for 8 lessons package


✓ Min. 2 riding paricipants with horses

✓ 2 lessons in one full day

✓ Theory lecture


✔For everyone: from beginners to advanced riders

✔ If you want to improve your riding skills

✔ If you want to teach your horse side movements: travers, renvers, shoulder in, half pass, pirouette

✔ If you are bored of the everyday training routine

✔ If you got stuck in your training

✔ If you want to develop

✔ If you think that horse riding should be an art, based on mutual respect and understanding between a man and a horse


✔ Complex training based on 5 pillars: horsemanship, groundwork, longeing, work in hand and riding

✔ Logical, step by step system of development, adapted to the horse and rider

✔ Exercises strengthening and straightening your horse

✔ Detailed explanation of the exercises

✔ Knowledge of equine and human biomechanics

✔ Education based on positive reinforcement


Firstly, I want to see you and your horse working together. I see where you are and where you want to get. Then I prepare a plan, focussing on the exercises that help you achive your goals. Regardless of the discipline that you prefer, I will provide you with necessary tools for training and give you a wide explanation of the topics that you are intrested in.

Both you and your horse are one of a kind, therefore you deserve to be listened, seen and respected. There is no perfect method for every horse and human so I treat you both very individually.

I am open to everyone who wants to develop in horsemanship - despite their age, appearance, origin and physical abilities. Finally, I am eager to exchange our ideas and methods of horse training which favor the desired development, without using force.

During my lessons I create a safe space in which you can feel yourself, being respected and understood.  Nobody is perfect, including me. That is why I accept you with your limitations and I want your growth by transcending them together.

When I work with you I am not giving you quick fixes, I will give you the tools to go out and be successfull. I go deep into searching for solutions that most of the time are associated with work in details. Instead of using gadgets, I encourage people to use logical thinking.

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." - Colin Powell
Most of all, I want you not to give up and strive for achiving your goals. I strongly belive that our limits are only in our minds. I inspire you not to get stuck in your mind, but to go out and make your dream alive!